Electronic Health Records

Melissa keusler

“The EHR . . . It's going to be customized to you.”

— Dr. Melissa Keusler, O.D. P.A.

Ehr charting

Dynamic setup tools provide for the easy customization of charting templates and multiple data input methods make documentation quick and effortless. This allows medical practices to cater to each physician and achieve clinic-wide EHR adoption.

Using a Level of Service Calculator and a Meaningful Use Scorecard, physicians accurately code and document each patient visit to increase revenue and reduce billing errors.

Using our ePrescribing application, which includes a dosing calculator, each prescription is carefully checked against current medications and for drug allergies to avoid harmful interactions.

Flexible setup tools are easily customized to meet the clinical workflow of individual medical group practices.

Enhance Patient Communication

Proactive communication tools, including clinical visit summaries and personalized patient information, help to educate patients about their health in the office and at home.

Instant Patient Access

Physicians have immediate access to their patient's health records and pertinent information anytime, anywhere.

Increased connectivity

Data from outside facilities and devices are expertly streamed into one comprehensive record, giving medical professionals a complete view of each patient’s health history.

EHR Tools for Your Unique Practice
Electronic Prescribing (eRX)

Powered by NewCrop, prescriptions are sent directly from the exam room to the pharmacy after being systematically checked for drug and allergy interactions.

Data / Images

Patient data and images can be electronically captured, imported, and stored within a health record to provide physicians with pertinent and timely information.


Internal tasking and instant messaging help facilitate inter-practice communication and correspondence.

Meaningful Use Scorecard

A fully electronic checklist tracks and calculates a physician’s Meaningful Use scores for each patient visit.

Patient Education

Using the ExitCare® platform, educational documents detailing diseases, procedures, and conditions can be printed for patients or viewed electronically using an online portal.


Customizable alerts notify medical personnel of an extensive set of actionable items like allergies, upcoming tests, communication preferences, financial notices, and more.

Meaningful Use Dashboard

A fully electronic checklist provides Meaningful Use compliance percentages for each physician per reporting period.

Visit Checkout Summary

To provide a greater quality of care, providers can print and give patients an appointment summary that includes information about current medications, medical history, new prescriptions, diagnosis, referrals, follow-up visits, orders, results, patient education, and more.

Order Entry / Labs

All lab, radiology, and ancillary tests are ordered electronically and the associated results are automatically returned to physicians through a comprehensive lab interface.

The success of any medical group software is directly related to how it is implemented and adapted, which is why we tailor our implementation processes to each client. Since your clinic’s needs are unique, we create a custom plan that focuses on you. No exceptions. We determine how to best pre-populate your system, complete your setup file libraries, and convert all existing data. Once this plan becomes actionable, we hold your hand until you’re ready to let go.

Initial, follow-up, and ongoing training are possibly the most important activities associated with the successful implementation of any software, especially an EHR. To achieve optimal functionality, PCIS places significant emphasis on teaching each clinical user with a “train-the-trainers” approach to make your employees in-house experts. We offer on-site training before and after our client’s “go live” dates to ensure employee confidence and future success on PCIS’ EHR.

At PCIS, our clients are more than just customers—they’re partners. We strive to maintain open communication to facilitate the ever-changing needs of your clinic, and we are committed to providing you with unparalleled customer service. We assign each client an account representative who knows and understands the scope and nature of your business. We also provide 24/7 support before, during and after implementation.