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Save time, eliminate excess paperwork, and keep physicians happy all at once.

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The sky's the limit with the PCIS GOLD EHR. It is going to be customized to you.

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The PCIS GOLD Experience

Happy Clinicians

Physicians and nurses will spend less time on the computer and more time with your patients by using our customized healthcare plan macros.

Engaged Patients

Provide instant access to healthcare records, patient education, appointment requests, e-Statements, lab and test results, and secure messaging via a web portal or mobile app.


Clinic Success

Our clients achieve 100% physician adoption because our software works for them. Our team will be there 100% of the time to help you thrive and profit.

Designed by You

Don't fit into their box. Design our software around the way you practice. Customize your EHR experience to your specialties and your needs.

Drummond Certified

Create an individualized charting experience with traditional or form-based charts built by your physicians. Spend more time with patients and less time on a computer using one-click charting via custom-built healthcare plan macros.

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Happy doctors and nurses help their patients live healthier, happier lives. Our goal as a software partner is to enable all our users to efficiently do their jobs and provide the highest level of care.

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Let us show you how enjoyable it is to write notes and prescriptions, chart, do code encounters, and manage patients in our fully integrated, managed EHR.

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Features at a Glance
Patient Health Record

Patient Health Record

Quickly find any information about a patient’s health history.



Don’t let labs, charts, or any tasks go missing.


Customized Charting

Let your physicians customize their charting experience with point-and-click or form-based data entry.

One Click

One-Click Charting

Spend less time on a computer and more time with patients by using healthcare plan macros.

Voice Recognition


Chart using speech recognition.

ICD10 Compliant

ICD-10 Compliance

Be confident in your coding with an easy-to-use ICD-10 picker.

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Practice Management

PCIS' PM solution is designed to get your physicians paid faster. With powerful reporting, simple integrations, and an intuitive workflow, it will help you decrease your days in A/R.

How It Works

Use Our

Electronic Health Records

PCIS' EHR software enables you to save time, cut out excess paperwork and keep each of your physicians happy. PCIS' software can be customized to specifically meet your clinic’s needs.

How It Works

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