PCIS GOLD is a managed EHR software built for independent medical groups.

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I honestly believe that we made the right decision by going with PCIS.

Thomas Cook, M.D. FACP


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Practice Management

PCIS' PM solution is designed to get your physicians paid faster. With powerful reporting, simple integrations, and an intuitive workflow, it will help you decrease your days in A/R.

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Electronic Health Records

PCIS' EHR software enables you to save time, cut out excess paperwork and keep each of your physicians happy. PCIS' software can be customized to specifically meet your clinic’s needs.

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Recent Medical News

July 29, 2021
Electronic Health Records (EHR): Changing The Medical Landscape

We live in a sophisticated technological age, one that offers us effortless access to data. With just a handheld device and an Internet search engine, we can instantly find the answers to most questions, regardless of topic. It’s pretty amazing, especially since many of us remember sifting through stacks of books for information about a specific topic.

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July 27, 2021
EHR Automation with PCIS

I was visiting my ophthalmologist for my yearly exam. During the exam my physician began showing frustration towards his EHR and data entry. I began to laugh as this is a typical response we see when talking with physicians across the country about electronic health records.

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July 15, 2021
Improving EHR Systems Through Automation

EHRs have played a tremendous role in improving preventive medicine, patient-provider communication, and positive drug interactions.

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