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New Year, New Opportunities

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The year 2020 has been a ringer, featuring an international pandemic that forced us to adopt new business practices, socialization procedures, and much more. It tested conventional norms, and in the process, taught us to think outside the box, even in the healthcare industry.

An unknown author wisely said, “You are being presented with two choices: evolve or repeat.” This year medical clinics nationwide have learned to evolve. This is especially evident in their adoption of several products, including:

  • Patient apps. Patient apps give your patrons access to their health information with the touch of a button. This allows them to see their visit notes, demographic information, lab results, and appointment history. Furthermore, they can use these apps to perform basic functions online, like requesting prescription refills.
  • Real-time code scrubbing. Real-time code scrubbing is a means of adjudicating claims before they’re submitted to insurers by identifying errors that could result in inaccurate payments or rejection. Code scrubbing leads to improved cash flow and timely reimbursement, while at the same time, reduces labor overhead to resolve billing errors.

    Over the past two years, most electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) vendors have incorporated this functionality into their systems, taking much of the guesswork from claims submission.

  • Patient intake systems. Patient intake systems free up your front-office personnel by allowing patrons to check-in for appointments, review demographic information, sign various consent forms, submit payment, and more. These systems allow for this to happen before the actual visit, making it easier for clinicians to collect all pertinent data in a single visit.
  • Patient payment plans. Traditional payment plans now allow patrons to set them up electronically from virtually anywhere. This functionality eases the burden of collections for front-office staff, and it offers patients some autonomy in determining the terms of payment.

Regardless of COVID-19, the healthcare world will always encounter new trends as it works to improve and enhance patient care. We at PCIS pledge to work as your partner and give you the most technologically advanced healthcare software to help you thrive in this ever-changing industry.

We will always welcome change, because quite frankly, we never want to repeat the year 2020 again. 😊

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