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How COVID-19 is Redefining Business

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When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, many businesses closed their doors and sent employees home to work remotely.

How Covid19 is Redefining Business

This was initially a temporary solution to what we hoped was a short-term predicament, but six months later we now realize that this pesky virus plans to stick around, at least until scientists find a cure. We knew it would last for several weeks, we hoped for no longer than a few months, and we’re still unsure of a forthcoming expiration date.

Because of this uncertainty, businesses continue to find ways to adapt to a new normal, and surprisingly enough, they’re discovering that this “new normal” has merits.

Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” meaning that progress is born from trying circumstances. Covid-19 has most certainly disrupted our world, but it has also forced us to think outside the box and reassess traditional practices, including business. In short, it’s giving the world the chance to grow.

Just a few weeks ago, our local mountain caught fire. It burned with ferocity, claiming almost two thousand acres of trees and vegetation in just over 24 hours. Once dotted with brilliant fall colors, this beautiful mountain is now charred and desolate. Though heartbreaking and sad, these fires are a natural means of regenerating forests by reviving the soil. They throw out the old and bring in the new.

Like these fires, Covid-19 is breathing life into what has become stale and rote. It’s helping us discard the less effective and replace it with something different. And different is good.

For clinics across the nation, this pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of technology, specifically a comprehensive medical record system. These electronic health record and practice management (EHR/PM) systems have facilitated remote work for clinic employees and offered patients the ability to proactively participate in their care. Here’s how:

  • With an EHR/PM system, employees can process and post payments remotely. They can also manage accounts receivable, generate reports, and work claim denials, all within the comfort of their own homes.
  • Using these systems, patients can schedule appointments, check-in virtually, make payments, and view lab results. They can also pay bills online and retrieve pertinent health information.
  • EHR/PM systems ensure that patient information is kept up-to-date and easily accessible. This is particularly useful during virtual visits so doctors can provide quick, coordinated care. It also allows for the easy transfer of data to other clinicians and facilities, if necessary.
  • These systems also allow for the contactless delivery of prescriptions to pharmacies for patients to keep high-risk patients from public spaces.
  • Additionally, the nature of these systems reduce paper costs, improve work-life balance for employees, and help providers offer better care.

Contact us today to see how the PCIS GOLD® EHR/PM system can breathe new life into your practice, especially during the current pandemic.