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EHR Automation with PCIS

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I was visiting my ophthalmologist for my yearly exam. During the exam my physician began showing frustration towards his EHR and data entry. I began to laugh as this is a typical response we see when talking with physicians across the country about electronic health records.

I began to discuss EHRs with him, and my doctor said, “What a company needs to do is put a great physician in a room with a great programmer and tell them to design a great EHR.”

He was astounded when I told him this is exactly how the PCIS GOLD EHR solution was created – a physician working with a programmer to come up with a great EHR solution.

PCIS GOLD is on a mission to make more providers and administrators fans of their EHR technology by working with them to develop cutting-edge automation tools and embed them into their charting flow.

PCIS has the luxury of having the best and brightest software developers in the industry. The development process is all done domestically in-house under the same corporate roof. This allows us to be more agile and able to adapt to each client’s needs.

According to a Kalorama Information Report, innovation is the key to staying one step ahead of the competition. They also published a report outlining what EHR vendors need to keep in mind as they move forward with development in trying to prepare for the industry’s policy changes, physician burnout, and cybercrime. In addition, they point out that an adaptable technology will win out over more inflexible or “fit into our box” software offerings. PCIS addresses it all – the ability to adapt to the ever-changing industry standards and the need for consistent innovation.

Through the various interfaces built to suit each clinic’s individual needs, PCIS can provide automation for the office staff and providers alike. These interfaces allow for data to flow seamlessly from different devices directly into the EHR without the added concern of human error with data entry.

Likewise, PCIS users can also prescribe medications through their e-prescribing functionality that takes the manual process out of the workflow which results in saved time and money.

To combat the frustration and click fatigue that providers experience daily, PCIS offers the ability to create macros or templates so that manual data entry becomes a thing of the past.

PCIS boasts 100 percent adoption with their users due to the many automated features within their software offering. Click below to see the PCIS GOLD EHR automation tools in action.

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