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Assessment, Application, and Reinvention

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Any skilled plastic surgeon will tell you that a little lift makes for big improvements. Likewise, the same could be said about reinventing your clinic, especially right now.

In the past week, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced new measures to help fully vaccinated people safely gather with others. This comes as an increased number of vaccinations are being distributed to the American public. In fact, as of Friday, March 12, 2021, more than 13 percent of U.S. adults have been fully vaccinated, said CNBC. This means that we are on our way to reopening the world, something we have anticipated since this time last year.

As we near this huge milestone, we owe it ourselves to remember the many lessons COVID-19 has taught us, specifically the following: change has merit.

For example, over the past year medicine has embraced the use of technology, inspiring distance visits for patients who are unable to go into an office. Going forward, these visits could keep patients from missing time from work or school, sitting in crowded waiting rooms, and making difficult transportation arrangements.

Medical clinics have the opportunity to reinvent and redefine themselves. Try these ideas to help give your practice a facelift:

  1. Begin now. We are all emerging from the same pandemic, so now is the perfect time to make organizational and procedural changes. Nothing is conventional at this point, and all procedures are subject to assessment.

    Meet with your staff members (individually and collectively) to determine what they have learned from COVID-19. Decide what things could improve the efficiency of your practice.

  2. Develop an executable plan. Once you have met with your staff, develop an actionable plan. Establish benchmarks and hold your staff accountable to them.
  3. Embrace technology. Use your electronic health record (EHR) to distribute mass emails/text notifications about your clinic’s new campaign. Offer distance visits and look for ways to communicate with your clients electronically.
  4. Reassess often. Successful plans are often returned to the drawing board time and time again. Be flexible and willing to make frequent revisions as you see what works.