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Three keys to online scheduling

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Pre-Covid-19, scheduling just about anything anywhere was a nuisance. It required a phone call, waiting on hold, exchanging dates with a receptionist, and entering appointments into a calendar. The biggest frustration was the hold time, which varied depending on traffic in an office. And then Covid hit, requiring the reevaluation of basic processes, which ultimately led to new online options.

Online scheduling has given patients increased autonomy in managing their personal medical care.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, patients can view, schedule, or request appointments using a device with an internet connection. This can be done day or night at their convenience rather than during a clinic’s regular office hours.

Additionally, online scheduling offers clinics increased efficiency, allowing front office staff to increase face-to-face interaction with patients while they’re in the office. It also frees up time for the staff as the system generates automated appointment reminders.

For this kind of efficiency to happen, online scheduling should offer patients the following three capabilities:

1. Patient Portal

To schedule within a patient portal. Portals are a “one-stop-shop,” offering user-friendly technology that allows for the easy navigation of and access to personal and clinical information.

In advance of the day's appointments, determine if any of the patients being seen might be eligible for an AWV. Flag these patients to receive a personal invitation from their provider to schedule an AWV. Patients are more likely to receive an AWV when their physician recommends they do so.

2. Healthcare APP

To schedule within a patient app. Healthcare apps have pushed patients ever closer to engagement, encouraging them to actively participate in their care.

3. Clinics Website

To schedule via a clinic’s website. Websites have been around for a long time, making them an easier option for less-savvy patients.

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