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Tips for Using Technology to Provide High Quality Care

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Throughout time, technology has improved dramatically. Modern cell phones were initially telegraphs, and Model T Fords were the precursors to Teslas. Such improvements have allowed the world to progress, drastically increasing efficiency and quality of life.

Technology has also greatly reformed healthcare. Paper medical records have slowly been phased out with the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs). It has greatly improved processes within clinics, thus allowing them to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.

Tips for using technology to provide high quality care:

  1. Switch to an EHR that works for you. EHRs have proven to be an efficient way to easily store demographic and clinical patient information. Medical histories, medications, and demographics can all be accessed with a few clicks of a mouse. In addition, EHR systems can be customized to fit your practice. Favorites, macros, layouts, and more can all aid physicians in providing quality care.
  2. Increase Patient Involvement. Technology has led to an increased emphasis on user interaction, which has greatly benefitted the healthcare industry with the advent of mobile apps, virtual visits, text notifications, patient education, and much more. Such advancements in technology have allowed patients to personally manage and oversee their own care. Using technology to increase patient involvement allows a greater, more personalized quality of patient care.
  3. Minimize Risk. A fundamental aspect of an EHR is the computerized physician order entry (CPOE). The CPOE minimizes errors, such as illegible handwriting or incorrect medication dosages, which commonly occur during the ordering process. Using technology to process orders and prescriptions can limit and even prevent errors.
  4. Improve Reporting and Population Health. EHRs expedite the sharing of pertinent information among providers and with the patients themselves. It stores and transmits data about patient safety and disease surveillance, and it allows medical group practices to submit and receive immunization records from health registries and immunization information systems.

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