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Four Tips To Improve Scheduling

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In today’s world, immediacy is everything. Information can be found in a matter of minutes, and if it isn’t, we have little time or need for it. Thus, it’s important to make sure your patients can quickly and easily access your clinic’s online scheduling system. 

Below are four tips to improve the patient scheduling experience:

1. Online Scheduling. A recent study conducted by Stax Inc. found that 80 percent of patients prefer a clinic that offers online scheduling. Through online scheduling, a patient can book an appointment in only a few minutes. Not only is online scheduling convenient for the patient, but it is for the clinic as well. Online scheduling frees front desk employees, leaving them with greater time to focus on the patients within the waiting room.

2. Scheduling Reminders. With busy schedules, it is easy for a patient to forget an appointment. To prevent last minute cancellations, use your PM/EHR to send automated appointment reminders. Such reminders can be sent through text, email, or phone calls. Additionally, preregistration links can be included within the reminder, minimizing time spent waiting for appointments.

3. Generate a Waiting List. As much as a clinic may try, not all last-minute cancellations can be prevented. To fill these slots, generate a waiting list. Many patients are willing to fill a last-minute cancellation, especially if it means limited waiting time.

4. Patient Recall Systems. Good health is closely connected with continual care. The greatest form of continual care is preventive measures. Such preventive measures include colonoscopies, mammograms, diabetic exams, and more. Establishing a patient recall system allows patients to complete these proactive measures. In addition, patient recalls may bring back patients who are less than regular with their checkups.

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