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EHRs: Managing Science and Art

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Philosopher Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

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In healthcare, the combination of these strategies generates the power to enhance, change, and save lives. Medicine has long fused the fields of science and art. It requires the deductive reasoning skills of highly trained medical professionals to identify, treat, and prevent health issues for a singular patient or group of individuals. It also demands a creative mind, one capable of looking beyond conventional diagnoses for better resolutions. Since these disciplines are both complex in nature, effectively managing the details of each is paramount to a provider’s success.

One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a comprehensive practice management/electronic healthcare record (PM/EHR) system. These systems make for the seamless convergence of science and art, leading to efficient patient management, improved care, and better outcomes. But this can only happen if the technology is correctly implemented.

Try these simple solutions to get the most out of your clinic’s PM/EHR:

  • Designate super users who fully understand the functionality of your PM/EHR. Use these people to provide initial and on-going training for employees, specifically ensuring that staff members receive instruction for their individual job functions.
  • Request additional training and education from the vendor, if needed.
  • Ensure set-up files, layouts, templates, and macros are customized to fit your workflow. Utilize the platforms you have established.
  • Enter all pertinent data into the system. Your system is only as accurate and complete as the information in it.
  • Gather feedback from staff, providers, and patients about their experiences with the system. Look to streamline your workflow and better use the tools in your system.
  • Cross-train staff members so your clinic continues to run smoothly if an employee is absent.

Contact us today to see how the PCIS PM/EHR can help your clinic successfully manage the details of science and art.