Practice Management

With flexibility and heightened precision, the PCIS GOLD® Practice Management system takes care of the details so you can manage your practice. Less work, more productivity.

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They've developed a software system that works really well. And everyone will benefit from it.

Judy Hammett, CGH Medical

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The PCIS GOLD Experience

Use Tools Built for You

Because of the scalable nature of our software, the PCIS GOLD PM can be a perfect fit for any and every size clinic. From a small private practice to a large multi-specialty clinic, our PM software can manage any office size.

Get Paid Faster

Easily follow where every penny of your money is located with easy-to-pull reports. Collect the payments in a variety of ways including kiosk, payment plans, webpage, and online payments.


Fill More Appointments

Use our built-in recall system that keeps patients informed about needed visits and procedures. Reduce no-shows with custom phone, text, and email appointment reminders.

Improve Workflow

Allow employees to customize their work experience. Give them the tools that will help them quickly access the information they need and complete their work both effectively and efficiently.

Automation Graphic

Customized for simplicity. Set-up file libraries allow you to customize our PM software to meet your clinic’s distinct needs. This enables you to automate business tasks and manage clinical workflow to increase efficiency.

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One vendor, one solution. Our products are fully integrated to give you a complete, single-source solution.

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Let us show you how enjoyable it is to manage your practice and help you get back to doing what you love.

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Practice Management

Watch a 2-minute demo of PCIS GOLD's Practice Management (PM).

Features at a Glance
Setup Library

Set-Up File Libraries

File libraries allow software customization to meet your clinic's needs.



Confirm eligibility, appointment type, insurance coverage, HIPPA compliance, and signature-on-file forms.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Take advantage of real-time, rules-based module in one responsive application.

AR Management

A/R Management Tools

Automated tools provide collection work lists, online notes, automatic response codes, and user-defined dunning messages.

Transaction Posting

Transaction Posting

An electronic visit form offers physicians the ability to capture charges at the point of care.

Electronic Eligibility Verification

Electronic Eligibility Verification

Verify patient’s eligibility in-batch or on demand.

Denial Management

Denial Management

Promptly see which claims were denied and need to be worked on before it costs you money.

Payment Posting

Payment Posting

Open-line-item posting module tracks charges, payments, texts, and adjustments.

Claim Scrubbing

Claim Scrubbing

Reduce the number of denials by sending clean claims.

Electronic Personal Payments

Electronic Personal Payments

E-Payments are posted automatically to the patient's account.



Clear data that helps you track where your money lies.



Don’t let accounts get lost. Instantly find and assign which accounts need to be worked.

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminders

Send customized text, phone, or email reminders to keep your schedule full.


Recall System

Remind patients of their needed future visits or procedures.

Order Entry

Order Entry

Send, receive, and view orders all within one local system.


Kiosk System

Shorten lines by allowing appointment scheduling, check-ins, and co-pay collections.

Billing Arrangments

Billing Arrangements

Schedule payment plans and collect payments faster.



Attach insurance cards, patient photos, and other documents straight to the patient's record.


E-Signature Capture

Effortlessly capture and store patient signatures on file.



Interface with any third party system or vendor

User Define Toolbar

User-defined Toolbar

Make system navigation simple and easy with user customization tools.