Practice Management

Ed pruis

“Specifically, we dropped more than 10 days in A/R in the very beginning.”

— Ed Pruis, Director of Business Services

Patient recalls

Get paid at a faster rate. Increase your revenue with electronic claim edits, code scrubbing, and automated collection tools.

Our PM has incredible reporting capabilities. Since it is a customized solution, we can provide you with any kind of report your clinic needs: patient batch, aging, 30-90 days, insurance batch and the list goes on. We also stay on top of insurance companies.

Customized for simplicity. Setup file libraries allow you to customize our PM software to meet your clinics distinct needs. This enables you to automate business tasks and manage clinical workflow to increase operational processes.

Less time, more options. Our PM system simplifies scheduling and registration to optimize physician and staff time. Labor intensive tasks can also be electronically routed to the appropriate employee for maximum efficiency.

Make Informed Decisions

Knowledge is the key to making good choices. Our custom reporting tools help you understand your financial data so you can quickly make important business decisions with confidence.


One vendor, one solution. Our products are fully integrated to give you a complete single-source solution.


Government approved. PCIS is completely compliant with Meaningful Use, HIPAA 5010, and ICD-10.

PM tools for your unique practice
Setup File Libraries

Since no two clinics practice medicine exactly alike, these files allow for the customization of our Practice Management software to meet the distinct needs of your clinic.


Registration electronically confirms eligibility, the appointment type, insurance coverage, HIPAA compliance, and signature-on-file forms.

Appointment Scheduling

Using a real-time, rules-based module, scheduling is consolidated into one responsive application for multiple locations. This module can be easily customized for appointment types, provider rules, resources, rooms, and more.

A/R Management Tools

To decrease the overhead typically associated with managing A/R, we’ve included automated tools to provide collection work lists, online notes, automatic response codes, and user-defined dunning messages.

Transaction Posting

In addition to traditional data entry, our electronic visit form offers physicians the ability to electronically capture charges at the point of care.

Electronic Eligibility Verification

A patient's visit eligibility is accurately checked with payers at the time of appointment or in batch mode, which is run on a predetermined day before the appointment.

Denial Management

During electronic remittance, a remark code is given for each denial, generating automated tasks that alert employees of claim errors.

Payment Posting

A legitimate open-line-item posting module provides the ability to quickly track charges, payments, texts, and adjustments.

Claim Scrubbing

Powered by Alpha II, this application significantly reduces billing errors and expedites A/R by checking claims for errors or missing information before electronically submitting them for reimbursement.

Electronic Personal Payments

ePayments for responsibility are posted automatically to the patient's account using a FIFO basis, and electronic payment plans can be established on patient accounts.


Our Practice Management system offers unlimited reporting options to match the diverse needs of each clinic. Create routine reports from standardized templates or generate new ones using a powerful ad hoc reporting tool that extracts any data that has been entered into the system routines and custom collection letters.

Task Manager

Predetermined electronic cues can be set to notify clinic personnel of specific tasks, assignments, and more to dramatically improve communication and overall workflow within the clinic.

The success of any medical group software is directly related to how it is implemented and adapted, which is why we tailor our implementation processes to each client. Since your clinic’s needs are unique, we create a custom plan that focuses on you. No exceptions. We determine how to best pre-populate your system, complete your setup file libraries, and convert all existing data. Once this plan becomes actionable, we hold your hand until you’re ready to let go.

Initial, follow-up, and ongoing training are possibly the most important activities associated with the successful implementation of any software, especially an EHR. To achieve optimal functionality, PCIS places significant emphasis on teaching each clinical user with a “train-the-trainers” approach to make your employees in-house experts. We offer on-site training before and after our client’s “go live” dates to ensure employee confidence and future success on PCIS’ EHR.

At PCIS, our clients are more than just customers—they’re partners. We strive to maintain open communication to facilitate the ever-changing needs of your clinic, and we are committed to providing you with unparalleled customer service. We assign each client an account representative who knows and understands the scope and nature of your business. We also provide 24/7 support before, during and after implementation.