Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Of course.

PCIS has now completed the first stage of testing for Stage 3 Meaningful Use! We are dedicated to providing you the tools necessary to achieve your meaningful use goals. And like everything else, our support staff will be with you every step of the way to help you through this new MU transition.

Our PM has incredible reporting capabilities. Since it is a customized solution, we can provide you with any kind of report your clinic needs: patient batch, aging, 30-90 days, insurance batch and the list goes on. We also stay on top of insurance companies.

Dynamic setup tools provide for the easy customization of charting templates and multiple data input methods make documentation quick and effortless. This allows medical practices to cater to each physician and achieve clinic-wide EHR adoption.

One vendor, one solution. Our products are fully integrated to give you a complete single-source solution. Compliant Government approved. PCIS is completely compliant with Meaningful Use, HIPAA 5010, and ICD-10.

With our EHR, physicians can complete all documentation during a patient visit. They will no longer be buried in hours of paperwork instead, they’ll be able to enjoy more paper-free free time. Ultimately, we hope our EHR will help alleviate burnout.

Our specialty reporting tools help you get smart about performance and payment measures. With 2018 approaching, PCIS is set to provide you with the clearest picture of MACRA in the industry.

Completely. Once you make the switch to PCIS you’ll begin working personally with your PCIS representative to build your EHR exactly the way you want it. From voice dictation to templates, we create an EHR that works for each physician in your clinic.

Our EHR solution enhances communication with your patients. Through PCIS’ EHR, you can electronically prescribe medications, which studies have shown lowers non-adherence, ultimately giving patience a preferred experience with your practice

The two main differences between PCIS’ EHR solution and other solutions are: Customization and Customer service. We customize your system to meet your wants and needs. We also provide you with a personal account representative who works directly with you from day one.

Yes. We make sure that each PCIS product is completely compliant with all health care and government regulations. You will never have to worry about being in line with the ever changing laws associated with the health industry again.

With our Practice Management solution you can capture more information than any other PM system on the market. Since our software is customized to your clinic, you can not only capture more information but you can capture the info that you actually want.

Our Practice Management is completely customizable, making it also completely scalable. We offer a solution that is simple enough for a small, private practice but that is also complex enough for a large, family clinic.

On average, conversion to PCIS software takes about four months. However, learning how to use the actual PM is easy because our software is simple, intuitive and set up exactly how you want it. Using our PM will come naturally to your entire staff.

All of our software is developed by us, in house, at our headquarters. This means that we can easily make changes to your customized PM at any point. We also provide you with an account manager to help you through changes you may want to make.

Every single screen in our PM software is secure and is available via login. That means you decide which employees have permission to access which screens. Keeping not only patient information, but also private clinic information, safe.